Lite Office Space helps in Expanding your Business across India

As companies increasingly incorporate hybrid work model within their operational strategies; demand for services offered by co-working firms has surged big time. According to coworking companies that specialize in managing flexible workspaces, the IT, and BFSI (banking, financial services, and insurance) sectors, are driving much of the growth.

The immediate impact of the epidemic was mostly driven by a shutdown of commercial activities due to the global lockdown. Head counts were slashed as companies went into business continuity planning mode, and the barriers between work and home blurred. During the lockdown, several influential organisations fully curtailed their onsite business operations and concurrently implemented regulations that allowed employees to maximise productivity through work from home (WFH) setups.

Corporates are increasingly trying to build a scattered work model in which four to five Lite office spaces are set up inside a specific city, in contrast to the past when huge firms normally had one consolidated office in a certain area. Such a methodology aids in gaining access to talent and supporting business continuity in the event of lockdowns that are primarily localised.

During this time, a new phrase – social distancing – entered our cultural vernacular. As a result, maintaining a six-foot spacing across all physical places, has become mandatory, forcing businesses to revaluate seating, design, and operations. Furthermore, numerous businesses implemented creative work plans and shifted to redesigned work schedules by instituting fostered working days. This fresh conviction in a company model like MyBranch, where we are regarded as a long-term strategic growth partner to complement their restoration and growth. MyBranch is an office space solutions with presence over 51 Cities & 56 Locations. MyBranch gives you the opportunity to have your office in location where you need your customer to reach you. This is been fuelled by the widespread embrace of ‘flexibility’ and small office spaces. Moreover, as many of these businesses tighten their belt and revaluate their fixed asset investments to cut expenses, flex spaces will play a significant role in cost reduction and financial stability.

Surprisingly, majority of India’s coworking spaces are spread across the globe. With entrepreneurs starting new businesses every day, demand for coworking spaces is anticipated to outstrip availability. This pattern is likely to persist. The changes due to the pandemic have sparked demands for asset-light strategies that enable adaptability.

Companies are signing up for co-working spaces because they don’t want to deal with the headache hassle of having many offices. Choosing Lite office spaces, some of which have centres in Tier 2, 3, and 4 cities, also helps businesses to provide a work environment for employees who have migrated to their hometowns as a result of the pandemic.

Almost all of the workforce from the major cities has returned home, and many of them are unlikely to return to their former work stations now that they have permanent work from home choices. In such a scenario if you’re looking for a Lite office spaces, then MyBranch can come to your rescue. As they are expanding into non-metropolitan areas; the company will launch in 17 additional locations. You can rent a desk for a day, a month or for a year – whatever your need be.

The coworking industry is a viable option as many businesses seek flexibility in their land and building expenditures, rental payments, and employee accessibility to workplace. Coworking companies are preparing to expand in response to rising demand.

You can rent a desk for a day, a week, or a month, depending on your needs. You can also reserve meeting and conference rooms whenever you need them. Contact us at +918451999506 to learn more about how we can meet the needs of both businesses and employees.