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We believe that every business has potential to achieve its aim and prosper as planned. We are only a catalyst in the process, who know that dreams should be turned into reality!
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Our Genesis

The thought on which MyBranch functions specifically tells that it is a company established to bring businesses and people together, with provided convenience and comfort. MyBranch is a brainchild of visionary business magnate Mr.Nayaran Bhargava, who is often credited as the founder of successful companies including - Calibehr, MyBranch, N.S. Bhargava & Co. & Narayan Bhargava Foundation.

It is this man who in the early 2016s realised the need of businesses to contract expenses on ownership of workspace but have one, which is reliable and cost-effective. With his experience and knowledge of the market, he knew that businesses could work efficiently on their business expansion plans when the workspace management is handled independently by the space owner. And this thought to raise a helping hand for business led to the foundation of MyBranch.

MyBranch is thus credited as a Mall of Services, that caters businesses right from finding a location to providing documentation to handling daily administration and essentialities! MyBranch works as a one-stop solution for all requirements of the business in terms of managing and maintaining workspace. A major difference that MyBranch delivers, is that it provides your business with space for itself so that it does not co-exist with its competitors! With workspaces that are expanded in more than 70 cities in India, you just need to tell us where you need your office!

Vision | MyBranch


To bring into action a culture where businesses build their expansion by working with each other, through the way of sharing spaces and ideas.

Mission | MyBranch


To establish footsteps in around 100 cities in India by 2024, thus making ourselves a top choice business partner, for businesses to provide sustainable growth and expansion.

Our Core Values

Our values bind us together to make not just a company, but a family of thought and perseverance.

Transparency | MyBranch


We have a transparent system of generating and sharing information all across.

Ethical Business Practices | MyBranch

Ethical Business Practices

We always take the right path and have a clear conduct in anything we do.

Respect For People | MyBranch

Respect For People

We make sure everyone gets their opportunities wherein they can blossom. Work is always a medium of growth for us.

Integrity | MyBranch

Customer Centricity

We have a customer centric approach to deliver solutions matching their requirement.

The Essence Of Our Identity

Our Leaders

MyBranch comprises of a highly professional team that is driven by the desire to excel in every task undertaken. With years of experience and expertise in their respective field, the team at MyBranch strives relentlessly to achieve customer satisfaction at every stage. Armed by the support of its staff, MyBranch continues to spread its wings even further.

Mr. Narayan Bhargava | MyBranch

Mr. Narayan Bhargava

Mr. Kushal Bhargava | MyBranch

Mr. Kushal Bhargava

Ms. Nishtha Malaviya | MyBranch

Ms. Nishtha Malaviya

Mr. Amit Raithatha | MyBranch

Mr. Amit Raithatha

Chief Financial Officer
Mr. Simpson Francis | MyBranch

Mr. Simpson Francis

Operations & Service Delivery
Mr. Amiya Sahu | MyBranch

Mr. Amiya Sahu

Mr. Basha MM | MyBranch

Mr. Basha MM

Head - Administration
Ms. Babita Negi  | MyBranch

Ms. Babita Negi

Head – Marcomm & Branding
Mr. Niranjan Bhave | MyBranch

Mr. Niranjan Bhave

AGM- IT Infrastructure
Mr. Shadab shaikh| MyBranch

Mr. Shadab Shaikh

AGM- Technology
Ms. Shweta Jha | MyBranch

Mr. Aji Mathew