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Meeting Rooms - Collaborate, Innovate, Inspire

Meeting rooms or conference rooms are a breeding ground for collaboration and teamwork just like co-working spaces. Having a space to discuss, brainstorm, and collaborate on ideas is vital for success, whether they be with team members, colleagues, clients, or partners. A meeting room in your locality, that can be booked at your fingertips is all you need.

Unlike traditional meeting room space on rent in places like hotel conference rooms, meeting venues on MyBranch usually don't require booking weeks or even months in advance. Additionally, they don't necessitate you to rent large meeting room spaces for smaller gatherings, or purchase costly add-ons such as refreshments and decor. You may obtain exactly what you need, in the finest & nearest location, and without any expensive frills by searching for the best office conference rooms nearby on MyBranch. This helps you finish your meeting objectives more quickly and easily while also saving you time and money.

Efficiency. Flexibility. Success: Achieve it with our office space solutions. All the furnishings, services, and features are included with a MyBranch workstation. An expert on-site support team is available all day to ensure that everything runs without a hitch.

Our meeting rooms are completely furnished with high-quality furniture and video conferencing technology. While our support staff sets up your accommodation and ensures everything runs properly, our receptionists will welcome your guests.

You have access to a wide selection of services to make your conference successful when you reserve one of their meeting spaces. By scheduling these services in advance, they'll make sure everything is set up and accessible for you on the designated day.

MyBranch provide a selection of conference spaces, training rooms, meeting rooms, and video conferencing equipment via a mobile app ‘SpaceOnDemand’app.


Seating Capacities Tier 1 Tier 2 Tier 3
4-seater 500 400 400
6-seater 700 500 500
8-seater 900 800 800
10-seater 1000 900 900
Training Room 1200 1000 1000

** Rates excluding GST
*** Discounts to be worked out at 3 hours & more usage on case to case basis

The last search online about meeting rooms is most likely to have read something like ‘Meeting rooms near me’ or ‘Meeting rooms for rent near me’. Locations can be a vital factor while one is sorting for a meeting room. However, at MyBranch we have systematically solved this issue by wide spreading our network of comforting meeting rooms. This is to facilitate your tough meeting negotiations and cool down the stress levels at work.

Reasons you should Book MyBranch Meeting Rooms

Meetings can be planned events where you have a set of things to be discussed and decided upon. However, there is a need to have an amicable environment added with minimum basic amenities. Right from Boardrooms to mini meeting rooms; MyBranch has a range of meeting rooms on offer; serving the needs of clients from several industries.

MyBranch Meeting Rooms provides

  • PAN India Presence
  • Modern Meeting Rooms
  • Proximity to Transport modes
  • Cost-Effective Quality Service Assured

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Frequently Asked Questions

How many people can accommodate in your meeting rooms? +

We provide a range of room sizes, and the majority of our workspaces include areas that can accommodate 10+ individuals. On request, we can, however, accommodate groups of practically any size.

What all is included? +

Each of our meeting rooms may be reserved by the hour and includes amenities like a flipchart or whiteboard to ensure a productive discussion. Our local staff will welcome your guests and make sure you have everything you need, with your room set up just how you desire. Business-grade conference phone equipment, as well as high-speed internet, are available in every one of our rooms.


  • PAN India Presence
  • Modern Meeting Rooms
  • Proximity to Transport modes
  • Cost-Effective Quality Service Assured

What happens if my meeting runs over or I require the space for a longer period of time? +

You can use the conference space as long as you'd like on that day if there are no other reservations following yours; we'll update the checkout time.