How Sales Office Space by MyBranch will increase Sales Productivity of the companies

For companies looking forward to expanding their sales network its crucial to have their sales teams located at places from where they can make more contacts. Being able to make more contacts means getting more leads and thus making more sales. In today’s day and time, however, creating a strong sales network requires much more than that.

To create great sales networks, the sales team should be in a position to have access to a dense network of potential customers, identify prospects, gain buy-in from potential customers, create solutions, and finally close the deal. Keeping all this in consideration MyBranch offers sales office on rent in India to organizations which want to grow in tier II and tier III cities of India.

The strategic location of our sales offices in the central part of the cities helps companies save money, gives its sales team access to the right information, and helps them build and maintain the right webs of contacts. Our fully furnished co-working space in India is equipped with infrastructure and support staff to increase your sales productivity. Our vast network of sales offices provides a strategic boost to business expansion plans of organisations in terms of cost and increased speed of execution with zero cost towards office management. All our offices are compliant with Shops & Establishment Act. This allows insurance companies, NBFCs, banks, and mutual fund companies to operate out of our network of local sales offices. Our professionally serviced offices are managed with a vision to help sales teams close great deals.

MyBranch eliminates all hassles and costs related to property scouting, leasing, compliance, office furnishing, set-up, maintenance, and support staffing to give you your sales office in your preferred city. Dedicated Cabins for RSM and ASM, a storage unit for marketing collaterals, zones for sales call make MyBranch a preferred choice for many established organisations to rent shared office Space in India.

All our offices are designed to improve collaboration and enhance the productivity of your local sales teams.

Why should you conduct Interviews in Meeting Rooms in India?

Interviewing candidates for hiring is a serious task as competition for talent is becoming tougher each day and getting the right person for the right job can result in your company become more productive, successful, and profitable.

In India, renting a pleasant, professional meeting room to conduct interviews in an easy to reach location will show every interviewee that you are not going to compromise on anything in selecting the perfect candidate for the position.

Reasons to rent Meeting Rooms in India

There are ample of reasons you will want to rent an interview room for churning out great employees-

  • Meeting Rooms are ready-to-work fully furnished rooms
  • Meeting rooms give you the opportunity to conduct interviews in the locations where you are not present and help you show your business in the best light by interviewing in a professional space.
  • With meeting rooms, there is no need to create a separate place for interviews.
  • With meeting rooms, interviews can be conducted in easily accessible places and help you to generate more walk-ins.
  • In professionally managed meeting rooms, you won’t be constantly interrupted by distractions or noise.
  • For established businesses that are hiring for crucial positions, it becomes easy to keep the hiring process discreet from other employees in the company by conducting interviews in meeting rooms on a rental basis.
  • You can meet at convenient locations near your candidate.
  • You can easily reserve rooms online at affordable rates.

Contact MyBranch for Meeting on Rental Basis

If you have some important meetings or interviews to conduct, don’t hesitate to reserve an interview room through MyBranch. Our thoroughly professional and experienced staff will help you find the proper space in the perfect location.

Contact us today.

How to get your Customised Office in your Preferred Location with Facility Management Service

Finding the most suitable shared office space is a time consuming and an excruciating task. And it doesn’t end there. Designing the office as per the business needs and meeting all compliance requirements also need effort. Co-working spaces that offer end-to-end managed services (tailor-made to suit business desires and needs) is an answer to all the workspace woes. It is an ideal arrangement for start-ups, SMEs, and large corporates as well.

Shared branch office managed services take care of location hunting, due diligence, interior designing, pantry service, seat management, housekeeping, workspace customization, facility management, and every other little thing so that businesses can focus on their core functions. Managed services also include customization of workplace the way organizations want it thus helping them focus on growing their business while leaving all the workspace worries to the managed services providers.

How did it work?

Pick your location- Choose a location where you want to start your business from or desire to expand your existing business. You need to prefer locations that have a promising infrastructure, are strategically important, have the potential to grow in the future and will keep you well connected with other cities also. Managed Services will ensure that all the government approvals are met, freeing you from all the avoidable hassles.

Customise- Once you zero in on the location/s and your exact office requirement, you can share your vision/design ideas with the interior designers and get your own customised office space. Be it compliance aspect of the property, documentation, architecture, furniture, wall colours, lights or interior design, electronic equipment, everything can be tailor-made to fulfill your vision and suit your individual requirements with managed services.

Move-in- After your customised office space has been set up as per your wish, with all the major and minor details taken care of, you will be ready to move in.

Facility Management Services – Once you move in you will get personnel to manage the Branch and keep it functional. Managed Services take care of all these aspects.

Managed services come with many more benefits too. Few of which are pocket-friendly prices, prestigious addresses, fast turnaround time, easy expansion, fully services offices, 24×7 support, bundled packages, reliable IT & technical support, etc.

Getting THE RIGHT SHARED OFFICE IN RAJKOT Is Crucial To Your Business. Learn Why!

Rajkot (considered as the capital of Saurashtra region of Gujarat) is one of the best business destinations in the state of Gujarat. In the recent past Rajkot has shown great potential to grow thus attracting many businesses. In addition, the city has an excellent infrastructure and is very well connected with major cities of India. If you too are looking to expand your business in Gujarat, here is why you should choose Rajkot as your next destination-

Better incentives and perks– The economic environment of Rajkot can make a big difference in the success of a new startup as well as established businesses when they try to launch a new product or expand their business. Industrial sector in Rajkot has consistently shown a lot of progress since the 1960s and has been associated with heavy engineering industries for a long time. Good connectivity with other urban centres in Gujarat also makes Rajkot an ideal place to do business.

Fresh ground for development– By being present in developing cities entrepreneurs naturally become part of the fabric of their growth story. Being located in a smaller cities like Rajkot gives you the opportunity to be a pioneer in the area of development, which can help you develop closer partnerships with local business owners and remain at the forefront of all business developments.

Little to no commute- Having an office in smaller cities are a win-win for both the employer and the employee. Cities like Rajkot have a commute time that’s almost non-existent, numerous housing options and lower cost of living in comparison to metro-cities makes small cities an ideal choice for business expansion.

Higher talent retention rates– Businesses find advantage in big cities like Mumbai due to their growing population. Huge population creates ample consumer demand and great opportunities for young people giving way to inordinate amount of young talents too. The downside of this situation is there also exists the risk that talents will be poached by a bigger players in the market. In small cities it easier to retain talent because there aren’t as many big MNCs present there. The better quality of life in smaller Indian cities also helps in retaining talent.

Low labour costs- With government initiatives like smart city plan and relatively lower labour costs in Tier II and Tier III Indian cities the future prospects of look bright. Many surveys suggest that it’s the small towns that will write the new success stories in the future. Businesses cannot afford to miss these opportunities.

Office space at great costs- You can have an office for rent in Rajkot at great costs. Fully furnished, Ready-To-Move offices are easily available in Rajkot which makes cost of running a business there quite low. Not availing such offers will be a lost opportunity.

If you are looking for Office Space for Rent in Rajkot, then MyBranch is the place to be. Get in touch with us with your ‘Coworking Space in Rajkot requirements and we will get back to you with the best available options.

VIRTUAL OFFICE Your Way to Success

Virtual office provides office address to businesses and individual consultants without physical office space at a fraction of. People can work remotely and virtually whilst their business maintains a physical presence. Virtual offices provide many benefits to businesses as well as individual consultants-

  1. Makes Your Business More Professional, Credible, Legitimate– Having an authentic business address with a virtual office rental ensures your brand maintains a credible, professional, and legitimate business image. A physical business address and office phone number on your business cards, website, email etc increases trust in your existing and potential clients as opposed to seeing a mobile number and home address. An official business address increases your professionalism and credibility as a business and makes you more approachable.
  1. Work from Anywhere– Any organization which wants to have a business presence in a new location without being physically present there, requires a local GST registration number. Virtual Office Address service allows businesses to get GST number using the virtual office of MyBranch. A virtual office gives employees and independent consultants the flexibility to work from anywhere.
  1. Environment Friendly- Since you have no office, you do not need to commute to work. This makes virtual offices environmentally friendly as opposed to traditional office space. Cutting out the commute decreases CO2 emissions, thus reducing carbon footprint and helping the environment. No commute also means not having to be stuck in traffic, wait for buses, or travel in super crowded trains. Plus, all the time saved can be dedicated to working on things that really matter.
  1. Cost-Effective- A virtual office is very cost-effective as you pay for a prestigious business address without paying the large rents that come with it. This enables you to keep business expenses low and concentrate your finances where you need them most i.e. your business.
  1. Easy Expansion– The best feature of virtual offices is that it allows you to expand your business without needing to move to a larger office. This is a low-cost and stress-free alternative to traditional expansion which comes at a greater cost. Since space is not a limiting factor, businesses looking for expansion can use a virtual office address to establish a presence in a new location or have multiple offices around the country and test out the market without the cost of relocating to that area.
  1. Business Support- Virtual office packages offer many extra features to support your business so that you don’t need to worry about tasks like handling calls and sorting mails as most virtual office solutions take care of this. You can be fully operational without having to worry about maintenance etc. In addition, there are also facilities such as training/meeting rooms, cafeteria etc. that you can use whenever there is a requirement.
  1. No Long-Term Commitments– Most virtual office services are available on a pay per use model which makes the whole arrangement very flexible for individual consultants and/or businesses.

How to Find the Right SHARED OFFICE IN NOIDA for Your Business

Noida has been an ideal destination for doing business for a long time. The strategic location of the city, great connectivity and close proximity with the capital of our country has made Noida an important location for doing businesses in the past few years. Nevertheless, finding the right Office for Rent in Noida is quite a tedious process as the cost of opening an office there is too high thanks to all the benefits that the city offers. To save costs businesses have now started looking for co-working space in Noida. There are a number of things for businesses to look out for before taking the final call. Below are a few things companies should keep in mind to find the right shared office space in Noida-



Connectivity of the branch- This is the first box businesses should look to check before finalizing the office space for rent in Noida. Offices that are located close to metro stations, highways and bus stop help businesses flourish very quickly as it helps clients in saving time and employees in maintaining a work-life balance. A happy client and satisfied employee mean the business is going to last long successfully.


Amenities of the Office BuildingShared Office in Noida should be in a building that has a proper security system to make sure that the assets of the business are safe. Security includes the presence of security in charge, personnel responsible for monitoring equipment like CCTV footage, smoke detectors, and fire alarms. Presence of Fire Exit and Fire Safety Equipment’s must also be ensured. 24×7 power back-up, fire safety measures, and multi-tier security, strong Wi-Fi connectivity, superior quality wiring for running several computers are few other amenities that should not be overlooked while renting an office space. Also, the branch must not be facing any kind of unwanted interference which disturbs the proceedings of the business.


Availability of Parking Area– This is one of the most important aspects of a commercial building. Businesses need to make sure that the branch has a parking area so that the convenience of clients and employees is not compromised.


Branding– In most of the coworking spaces there is no opportunity for branding. While for individual consultants it may not be a big deal but for established companies, branding is quite important. Few Shared office space in Noida like MyBranch allow businesses to do their own branding in their premises so that companies can have better brand visibility.


Private Access– Few Shared office spaces in Noida like MyBranch provide businesses with options like private access to spaces where only particular businesses and their employees have exclusive access.


Fully Furnished offices help businesses to avoid investing time and money on your branch’s infrastructure. The plug and play model of MyBranch shared offices lets you start using the office immediately. Also, a friendly and helpful staff is another big perk at MyBranch.


Virtual Office– If you are want to show your presence in Noida without being physically Present there you can opt for Virtual Office in Noida.   

MyBranch In Allahabad – The Smart Shared office for a Smart City.

You can now retain more working capital, save your time,  expand your business and convey a good professional image for networking and grabbing attention from potential clients with a centrally located office address.

Buy Commercial Office Space on Rent in Allahabad

MyBranch is Located in Gomti Nagar, the most iconic location of Allahabad. The commercial office spaces at BBG –Viraj Towers help you enhance your business brand by having a prestigious address as wells as secured location. the Building itself provides you strong security in terms of Fire Incidents and also has Security Presence. A hassle-free and flexible approach with a minimal financial burden, they will provide you the best shared office spaces in Allahabad.

Explore our Branch Office Space Solutions

Get the workstations of your choice ranging from Single workstations, SME desks, Large Corporate Spaces., Virtual Office. We give customisation options too as per your need.

Countless Benefits with Shared Office Space in Allahabad

Establish your business in a new territory with good IT infrastructure and attract the right talent for your business to grow by having a centrally focused location of the city.

Benefits include

  • Virtual Office Concept – where you can use the office Address as one of your branch or office location and you don’t have to rent even a single seat just a nominal fee.
  • Fully Furnished Office.
  • Shared office with Private Access.
  • Ready to Move in Fully Furnished Office
  • Customised Fully Furnished Office
  • Office with FMS Facility
  • Branding Option


Owning an office space with all amenities was never this easy. You have to connect with them for your office needs and get ready-made office spaces in Allahabad within hours. Leave all your paper-work to them, delve in the business environment and get business success like never before!






6 Training Room Rental Benefits for Conducting Seminars and Workshops.

Whether it’s a small company or a large organization, training rooms stand out to be of exclusive value when it comes to conducting seminars and workshops. It is often defined as a gateway through which the success or failure of an individual or the company passes through. Reason being, unprofessional and unskilled employees are always a threat for a company and can rattle the foundation of even the strongest business firms.

Conducting workshops and seminars is always going to benefit the employees in honing their skills, improving their performance, and understanding the organization thus giving a significant boost to the business.

Nowadays the training rooms are designed in such a way that the available area can be transformed into flexible office space as well. This boosts profit exponentially. The following are some of the top training room rental benefits-


  1. Flexi Booking Option Available

One of the biggest advantage of individual office space for the corporate world is pay-as-you-use. There is no need to pay for the space that is not in use or is simply not required. The service providers have with them a range of flexible options to choose from as per the requirement. Proper arrangements are made for meeting, training, workshops, and seminars.

  1. Professional Planners and Organisers

Most of the service providers have a team of professionals who make sure that the space hired for is properly organised to serve the purpose. As a business owner, a person has everything to worry about except for organising and making arrangement for the seminar or workshop. The professionals leave no stone unturned when it comes to providing a great first impression to the employees or the clients.

  1. Provision for Amenities

Whether it is the microphone or a projector, training room rental organisers make sure that the arrangements are made as per the requirement. A customised place would ensure that the meeting or training concludes on a fruitful note.

  1. Provision for Video Conferencing

If the need arises, the rentals provide video conferencing option as well. With all the proper set-up, corporate meetings or seminars with the different business associates located in different corners of the globe is made easy. Providing office space on rent in Indore would offer instant contact with colleagues and clients as well.

  1. Helps in Leaving a Good First Impression

Whether the business is imparting training to a team of newcomers or conducting a seminar on the launch of a new product, the training room is always going to help leave a good first impression. Also, meeting with the prospective or potential client and conducting trainings in a hotel would always cost more.

  1. Perfect Business Environment

With all the available facilities and amenities, the training room offers a perfect business environment giving a boost to the productivity and creativity of the employees and making your company revenue and your business sustainable.

Now Is the Time for You to rent an office in Indore.

Indore is the most populous and largest city of Madhya Pradesh .it has literacy rate of 84% with the population of 2.2 million. The GDP of Indore is $14 billion which is more than 58 countries. Indore is the only city in India to have IIT and IIM and there are many major institutes in Indore this proves that Indore has a good amount of local talent there. Indore also has a good Road and Railways Connectivity as well as it has the busiest Airport in Madhya Pradesh. It is located in Central State of India Which is Madhya Pradesh this gives you very good benefits if you are in trading or if you are looking for and branch, which is in the central location of India ,which gives you a better access to the whole nation.  This kind of combination encourages you to have an office on rent in Indore.

Why should you open a branch in Indore now?

  • Metropolitan cities like Mumbai Kolkata Chennai , Delhi and Bangalore is getting too crowded and Expensive due to which Companies are looking for Branches in Two tier cities Like Indore which provides them  a good ,market as well as  cities with good literacy rate of that they can hire local talent for their local branches . Which gives them the opportunity so that they can save their money by avoid hiring employees from metropolitan cities and spending money on their accommodation as well as expand their market.
  • Since many companies are entering Indore  which is affecting the Market rates  in Indore ,  due to this the local market is getting more opportunists.  The brand or company which arrives late in the market suffers the most, Same can be said about the Recruitment opportunity because the companies which arrives earlier will be getting the best of the talents in Indore on a convenient rates compare to the company which arrives late.
  • Unlike Mumbai Delhi Kolkata and Chennai Indore is not a Metropolitan City due to which it is still a less expensive city if you are looking for office on rent in Indore. But since Indore is one of the emerging cities of India the companies are planning to have office on rent in Indore due to which the demand of office on rent in Indore is increasing this will cause the real estate rates to go up drastically.
  • There is few Shared offices in Indore like My Branch which will get filled up within some time,  since many companies are trying to get their branches there. This will create an increase in demand and decrease in supply the prices of those shared office space in Indore  will go up. Due to which you will have to pay more for the office space which you were getting on a convenient rate today.
  • Some Co-Working Space Indore like My Branch has limited Available Co-Working Spaces in Indore which gives you an opportunity to have branch with private access. Best amenity, convenient location, fully furnished, Facility Services and some other benefits.

Things You Should Know About before having a Shared Office in Vadodara.


Vadodara is the third largest city in the state of Gujarat. With the population of 1.92 million and 93 % Literacy rate it is the one of the best market for any big company who is looking for a Branch in Vadodara.  With the Literacy rate of 93 % you can also get good Skilled Labours in Vadodara.

Since Vadodara is not a major metropolitan city like Mumbai Kolkata Delhi Chennai or Bangalore, The companies opt for Shared offices in Vadodara. This helps them to reduce the cost of infrastructure Procurement or Maintenance. By Opting for Shared office in Vadodara, you can save you money as well as time because some companies provide you Co-Working Space Vadodara on Immediate basis.

But which points helps you to decide whether Vadodara is the best location for you to have your Shared office Space.

  • Connectivity of the Branch– This helps you to know whether your branch is Accessible.

You have to make sure that your branch is near to the main road so that your clients and employees feel convenient to visit your office through private vehicles. It should also be nearer to the Bus Stops and Railway station since your clients might come from other part of the city or nearer cities. Airport should also be present in the City so that you can have an easy access from your head office to your branch. You will have to look for shared office space in Vadodara with similar connectivity


  • Proper Amenities of the building– Building where you planning to have you branch should have a proper security facilities which will help you to secure your Assets  and also make sure that the branch is not facing any kind of unwanted interference. Security infrastructure should include a presence of Security in charge, and also monitoring Equipment’s like CCTV, Smoke Detectors and Fire alarms. You  will also have to make sure that u have a proper fire Exit, Fire Safety Equipment’s .You have to also make sure that the building has other amenities like Staircase , Lifts  and 24hrs power backup .


  • Parking Facility is one of the most Important aspect of a commercial building of the shared office space in Vadodara you have to make sure that your branch has a parking facility so that your client and employees doesn’t feel inconvenient while coming to your branch.


  • Private Access Some Shared office space in Vadodara  like My Branch Provides you and Option like Private access where you and your employs only has the access to use you space .


  • Branding Option Shared office space in Vadodara like my Branch also provides you option like branding opportunity with their premises so that you can have a better brand visibility.


  • Fully Furnishes offices this helps you to avoid investing time and money on your branch’s infrastructure  and also you can immediately start using the branch without waiting for its completion  you have to make sure that you get that kind of office on rent in Vadodara