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Lite Office Space

The rapid growth in the economy, along with the continued expansion strategy, is all set to bring the firm to new heights. Entrepreneurs want to expand their business in the unattended areas, because it is quite simple to set up an office in Tier I city, whereas it is tough to do the same in Tier II, III, and IV cities. It takes a lot of effort to thoroughly scout property and meets with landlords in smaller cities. Locating the ideal property at the ideal location, and at the most appropriate price is more difficult than many belief. Dealing with multiple contractors to get your office set up with your requirements and to get a compliant property is another headache while looking out for an office space.

The concept of Lite office spaces came into existence following the demand for the smaller cities. There are several cities where there is a demand for office space, but the demand is very small due to the business potential; for example, just a couple of seats are required by a certain organisation rather than setting up a regular size office.

Lite Office Space

Lite Shared Office Space

MyBranch has come up with the concept of 'Lite shared office spaces' that is quickly gaining momentum. A variety of serviced and customisable offices which can be furnished to your specifications for both large and small business organisations.

Lite shared office spaces are smaller versions of shared offices. Most features of Lite shared office spaces like on-demand /meeting rooms, IT support and internet service, such basic amenities remain similar to Lite office space. The only variable is the size of the office.

Lite Managed Office Space

MyBranch is to work in a decentralised manner with multiple small offices closer to their employees. Instead of investing in bigger office spaces, they chose to invest in technology to connect small decentralised offices. But they all met with a common problem. These organisations find it difficult to set up an office at the right price, right location, compliant yet hassle-free.

MyBranch has come up with the concept of 'Lite managed office spaces' that caters to smaller office space requirements; specially located in Tier III, and IV cities without any upfront capital expenditure (CAPEX) or much hassle.

Lite managed office spaces are the smaller versions of offices. This recent concept of Lite Managed offices is becoming popular quickly because it is easier, cost-effective, saves time, and, most importantly, has a higher reach in terms of offices at remote locations.

Lite Office Space

Benefits of Lite Office Space

Compliant offices across India
Logo space on Signage wall
Elimination on property scouting and landlord hassle

Hassle-free management of multiple contractors for fit-outs
Well maintained & CCTV monitored office spaces
No separate administrative costs for energy, maintenance, pest control, housekeeping, etc.

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